My children’s books take the reader beneath the surface of the Great Lakes. Fish come to life as the main characters in each chapter. The reader will meet many different kinds of fish and be introduced to the ecological issues they face. A larger font makes it easy to read and each chapter has a beautiful illustration. By giving fish a voice, my books will foster awareness about Great Lakes issues and hopefully encourage children to become future stewards.


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Silent Satisfaction: Great Lakes Fish
Save Their Neighborhoods


Located in the interior of North America, the Great Lakes hold twenty percent of earth's surface freshwater. Guided by a dedicated scientific community and driven by a public desire for action, the lakes are gradually recovering after more than a hundred years of environmental abuse.

Silent Satisfaction: Great Lakes Fish Save Their Neighborhoods is the third book in the children's Great Lakes Trilogy. The story centers on this rapidly changing ecosystem and is told through the eyes and voices of fish. Take a journey beneath the surface of each lake and explore problems facing the aquatic community. This book will engage young minds so they'll be able to understand and appreciate the value of the Great Lakes.

“I am so in love with the story line and message of this book: using collective voice to take action, highlighting the subtle but important differences in each lake, and the Sturgeon as the connection point across all five lakes.”

- Jillian Votava

  Education & STEM Coordinator

  Great Lakes Educator

  Inland Seas Education Association

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Underwater Adventures with Louis and Louise


Underwater Adventures with Louis and Louise follows a brother-and-sister lake trout duo as they receive life lessons from Grandpa Mack, spend a special night around the cedar stump, attend a birthday party, narrowly escape being eaten, and swim through the magic box. Along the way, they learn about the importance of respecting other fish, habitat loss, and the ecological health of the Great Lakes. Their kind, adventurous spirit provides a moral compass for all species.

"The illustrations are quite fabulous—all in color and very attractive, and they enhance the text, helping to make the story come to life."

- Tyler Tichelaar, Author, Marquette Monthly Review

"Kids will love reading Underwater Adventures with Louis and Louise!"

-Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine

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A Great Lakes Odyssey with Louis and Louise


The Great Lakes are the largest freshwater ecosystem on our planet. Loss of habitat, water pollution, and invasive species forever changed the ecology of the lakes. Future caretakers must continue to protect this national treasure from further harm.

A Great Lakes Odyssey with Louis and Louise is a children’s chapter book about the adventures of two Lake Superior Lake Trout. Louis and Louise take the reader on exciting underwater journeys exploring the lakes and meeting new species. By giving fish a voice, this book will enhance awareness of ecological issues and hopefully encourage young readers to wrap their hearts around the Great Lakes. If they do, stewards will emerge.

"The fish drawings, though presented small in this slender volume, are great representations of sturgeon, trout, perch, turtles, eels, and other water creatures. It's a fine visit beneath the inland seas."

-KLM, Lake Superior Magazine

"This chapter book contains beautiful color illustrations of underwater scenes. Recommended for children’s libraries."

- Victor Volkman, Marquette Monthly 

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